What Is Today's Simple AI™?

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Creative Content Today's Simple Ai

Creative Content

Helps you understand much better which creative content would works best ... and even helps you create it!

Creative People & Projects Today's Simple Ai

Creative People & Projects

Helps you understand much better which of your great people, recruits or influencers would enjoy which projects ... so you get the best work every time.

Creative Results Today's Simple Ai

Creative Results

Helps you get better results over time because you can better predict business events and how to respond best.

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How Do We Help?

'Know how' on this subject is limited in many areas and also can vary widely, from 'future dreamers' who 'want it all yesterday' to 'AI unbelievers' who think it's all over exaggerated. Probably both are right in different ways but we still want to build awareness and understanding, in order to be well prepared. We are cross-industry experts who provide training, speakers, free tools and advice to help companies and people get prepared in these areas. Our non profit organisation does pro bono work while our commercial division helps pay the bills!

We provide training and speakers for scheduled and ad hoc learning events and experiences, by our cross-industry experts who explain everything in simple, clear language that everyone understands. If you're a startup, nonprofit, student or between jobs, we'll provide it all pro bono.

We have built tools that allow literally anyone to bring the power of Today's Simple AI™ to their daily work in helpful and easily understood ways. Plus they're even free to try out ... see below!

We provide friendly and helpful advice, to help everyone get ready for these new capabilities before their competition. If you're a startup, nonprofit, student or between jobs we'll do it pro bono.

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RSA Event

How to use data science and AI to better deliver effectiveness.

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PRCA Conference

Bring the power of Today's Simple AI™ to business?

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Brighttalk Conference

How businesses can use Today's Simple AI™

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For Creative Content

Today's Simple AI™ For Creative Content

For Creative People & Projects

Today's Simple AI™ For Creative People & Projects

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Today's Simple AI™ For Creative Results

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Today's Simple AI™ For All

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Our Client & Partner Stories

Bristol University AI Course Lead

I was struggling to complete a new AI course plan partly due to a lack of low cost and easy to understand AI tools. I came across this toolset being demo'd at the RSA and fell in love with the simplicity as well as the pro bono offer for educationalists.

COO Comms Agency

Made it so simple even I could understand LOL.

WPP Managing Director

I felt a little left behind on this topic and wanted to quickly and quietly catch up. A tailored session did that perfectly.

Marketing Agency

This clever yet simple toolset allows us to analyse data properly for the first time, from numbers to text to images and more.

Comms Director

Best speakers and trainers I have seen on this topic. Industry experts first which really helps.

Marketing Director

I wanted to test some of this stuff but didn't want to confuse or alarm my management. A discreet, intelligent approach allowed me to deliver the results needed, ethically and at low cost.

PR Agency

We just wanted to upskill for the future but most content on this subject is hard to understand. We found this organisation through recommendations and we were entranced by how useful and simple they manage to make everything.

App Exec

Allowed us to quickly do better and more useful data analysis.

We Are Recruiting

Admin Assistant

Admin Assistant

[Work From Home]

  • Location: UK
  • Industry: Education
  • Part-time, 5-10 hours per week
  • Salary: UK£ 8.5 PH
  • Description:
    The FF Foundation & Open Doors Ltd. seek a part-time admin assistant to work from home and help with admin tasks.
  • Responsibilities:
    Send emails & respond to ad hoc enquiries, Internet research
  • Educational requirements:
    Competent in English, spoken and written.
  • Experience requirements:
    Ideally 6 months experience as admin assistant
  • Desired Skills:
    Email sending and writing
    Competent English, written and spoken
  • Qualifications:
    Ability to work with a team.
    Motivation & Willing to learn.
  • Benefits:
    The FF Foundation & Open Doors Ltd provides a friendly, supportive work environment, with flexible hours.
  • Incentives:
    Opportunity to grow the role in the business if desired.